APPLE and ME !!

14 Feb

Just felt like writing a little bit about the Apple  iPhone .. 

I am no Expert, but this is jus a summary of what i have learnt till date.

U see i am a very BIG fan of the iPhone ever since i laid my hands on my first iPod.

Its superior touch based scroll function was like nothing i had seen before .. this was at the time when I used to roam around with a Walkman .. the kind where u use 2 AA batteries and a Cassette.

Well i was smitten !!

There was nothing i wanted more than to rub my fingers on the smooth to touch Scroll and gawk at the amazing changes happening on the screen .. this was truly a marvel for me, i thought there couldn’t be anything better but then Apple inc dropped a bombshell : they came out with the iPod touch ..

I bought mine from Melbourne, Australia and i fiddled and diddled with it all the way back home.

Well now to the fun part .

Apple iPhones/iPods/iPads work on Apple iOS .. whats that you may ask ? its Apples patented Operating system .

Depending on your device u download the appropriate iOS via iTunes or you can do it from here.

Well as far as iPhones are concerned every new iOS u install changes somethings inside your phone .. basically it upgrades YOUR PHONE baseband. What does a baseband do ? well read on >”iPhone baseband is essentially the cellular modem firmware that is on your iPhone. You’ll probably have heard of baseband upgrades, the purpose of these upgrades is to improve the functionality of the cellular modem and also to keep the device locked to the intended carrier (in the USA, this is AT&T)<

So this brings us to something known as Jailbreaking. What is it ? well its jus an additional software installed into your iPhone which enables you to add custom-made functionalities and softwares into your iPhone, which you wont normally be able to get from Apple’s iTunes Store. This Software bundle is called “CYDIA”

Jailbreaking is also a pre-requisite if you want to unlock your iPhone, basically this means that if u have an iPhone locked onto AT&T but u want to use a sim card from SPRINT or VERIZON you will have to unlock your iPhone, which again means you will have to install certain software into your iPhone via cydiaOR you can opt for the Legal and Easy way out, ie: call up AT&T and ask them to unlock your iphone for a small minimal charge.

If u expect me to tell u how to unlock your iPhones, then im sorry i wont do that, what you can do is search on google for iPhone unlocking and there is a ton of advice there….. so ALL THE BEST !!

There is an added benefit to jailbreaking, if you can find cracked games from the internet (hint: torrents), u can install them into your iPhone and play away to GLORY *snicker* but this is PIRACY and i dont support Piracy. You may use this facility to try out a game before you purchase it.

check out this video to see the cool things you can do on an iphone after jailbreaking it. And YES u cant do this purely using software provided by apple.

WARNING : jailbreaking your Apple device Voids your worldwide Apple Warranty.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !


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    June 27, 2014 at 02:33

    I think you have remarked some very interesting points , appreciate it for the post. fdegdkgaeekf


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