14th FEB … Valentines day ..

14 Feb

Well Hello All .


This here being my first Blog .

And as is usual i have no idea what im gonna write about .

Anyways today is Valentines day .. 14th of February .. year after year lovers around the world celebrate this day by giving each other gifts .. flowers .. candy .. etc . etc etc ..

And as we have seen every year in INDIA .. right wing activists have a field day destroying everything in their path to try and shut down the practice of VALENTINES DAY.

They claim its a Western culture and the practice is forbidden under Indian aesthetics. Well dudes let me educate you somewhat regarding the same ..
Saint Valentine’s Day, as it is celebrated in the modern world, has nothing to do with Saint Valentine.

February 14th was declared a Christian Holiday in 496 A.D., but its religious significance was lost a long time ago.

Take a thousand young lovers anywhere in the world who send each other Valentine’s Day cards and ask them about Saint Valentine and I doubt you will find one out of that thousand who actually know the history of this holiday.

You see this day had nothing to do with religion or caste or creed .. its just a day where people like to be open about their feelings for each other .. its jus like Mothers day .. where u show your love for your mother or fathers day .. just a day ..

I would like someone to explain to me as to which Indian tradition speaks about mothers day / fathers day / teachers day … aren’t these Western Traditions too ?

I wonder why Right wing parties don’t go around burning cards and gifts in mothers day ?

Here is a recent Example!!

Also what i fail to understand is to why all of a sudden these people are protesting against WESTERN cultures ?

isn’t Democracy a Western Idea ?

isn’t the CAR a Western Idea?

What about aeroplanes?

submarines ?

tanks ?




I wonder why the boys from RIGHT wing groups dont protest against all of these ?

these guys will make a hue and cry about Valentines day, and to what end ? a FEW Brownie points?

This Confuses me ! i fail to understand the logic behind all of this.


Well till next time ..

c ya


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